GNU FreeRideā„¢

Welcome to the Free Ride Sharing economy! We hope you will enjoy your free ride.

In order to protect the shared commons which we all enjoy, we must impose some licensing conditions on your trip. The vehicle, operating system kernel, and user facing application that make this ride possible are part of the GNU Free Software suite, and are licensed under one or more variants of the GNU General Public Software license. (fsf link)

The owner-operator of your vehicle has generously agreed to give you a ride, at no monetary charge, to your destination. What we ask is that, in exchange, you provide a copyright assignment of all creative work done in this vehicle during the time of your free trip, so that we may make this work freely available to the world.

This includes, and is not limited to: Patentable IP, creative music works, business plans, and pretty much any other sort of monetizable IP that is protectable under local, national, and international IP protection legislation. You have the freedom to continue to use, develop, and extend anything you create during your trip under the terms of AGPLv3 license.

If, in the future, or the end of this trip, you believe your creative work product you have exchanged for this Free ride is worth more to you, your business, employer, or investors, you have the option to purchase exclusive rights to your creation. The fee is $250 per hour per person in the vehicle if paid immediately, otherwise the minimum fee may have substantially higher market price discovery surcharges. Other lower-cost options may be available for GPL exception licenses.

GNU FreeRide(tm) concept and content are derivative works of the Q3ube open-source hardware ecosystem, and copyright 2018 7 Elements LLC, available under AGPLv3 license terms.